I Designed my Jeans!

I believe when you have the chance to decide every single particular detail about clothes you’re wearing we should all take this opportunity.
Especially when it comes to jeans, which I consider my second skin!
I decided to create the perfect pair, perfectly visible in my mind but very hard to find in stores. 
Wrong color. Wrong size. Wrong hardwears.
On Getwear I basically decided all the details.
And that’s the effect.

I’m such a genius.


(G is for Genius)

I designed my jeans, but if you’re after leg-wear, looking for jeans and a Selection of men’s chinos.

Zara Sweater/Getwear Jeans/ Michael Kors Watch/ Hurmoso Underwear/ Tiffany and Co Necklace/ River Island Trainers/ Cèline Sunnies/ Tiffany and Co Bracelets/ Gucci Bracelet/ 
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