Christian Louboutin Exhibition

For the ones who don’t follow me on Facebook and Twitter, Last Week I attended the Christian Louboutin Exhibition at London Design Museum.
Useless is saying it was amazing and incredibly stimulating.
I have been so upset when I found out I couldn’t take pictures. I wished I could share all the beauty with all my readers, since real and pure creativity are so rare nowadays.
That’s the outfit I was wearing that day; inspired by the Master Christian, I played with contrasts using classic cuts with the vintage jacket mixed with a python modern belt.
Hope you appreciate.

Diesel white Top/ Tiffany Necklace/ Python Belt/ Zara Jeans/ Acne Boots/ Oops Object Bracelet/ Tiffany Bracelet/ DoDo Bracelet/ Cèline Sunglasses/ Vintage Blazer/ YSL Arty Ring/  Balenciaga Work Bag/ Michael Kors White Watch/ Cruciani Bracelet/ 
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