Sleepwalker: pyjamas fever

Vogue reads ‘A sense of humour is the ultimate way to accessorise your sleepwear style. That’s EXACTLY how this trend needs to be approached.

Sleepwear to the roads 

Feel light and silly, embrace your sleepwalker mode and go around your city (or island, in my case – which still sounds weird!) and rock this ensemble. I like to think that this applies to menswear too (who looks at gender in fashion anymore nowadays?)

Gucci is clearly my main inspiration here but Zara was my backup plan when I was lacking in funds and boutiques.

The slippers are a little kitsch touch from the markets of Marrakech. (BTW – the travel diary about that trip is coming soon – check my Instagram in the meantime).

I find my inner balance by keeping things neutral and basic – like the oversized tee and accessories. With a focus on the main piece here – if you ignore the flashy babouches (I’m obsessed and I know I shouldn’t – it’s wrong on too many levels that become right).




Zara pyjamas bottom
H&M David Beckham cotton t-shirt
Fake Louis Vuitton babouches

Gianni Sarracino

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