1997 circa

What happens when a sneaker trend – that was hyped, then faded and then hyped again – starts fading one more time?

You keep rocking it by wearing them, of course.

Growing up as a fashionista, (I really thought I was one – but delusion in teenage years is a fairly common condition – I learned in my mature years when I looked back at all of my idols’ eyebrows) I remember longing for these trainers for a very long time. They were all I needed to be complete. Little I knew this feeling doesn’t go well with fashion.

Buying the first edition of the Nike Air Max ’97, in Italy, where they were born, marked the start of a healthy and long-term shoe-fetish (collection? Obsession?!) that still last today. The brand might have changed, and the finish type might have evolved from canvas/cotton to leather and mesh, but the feelings of conquering and joy are still exactly the same.

So, these jewels came back in 2017 and I bought them once again, in Italy – of course. Memories might fade but luckily they’re attached to overpriced pieces of plastic with laces that will make them last for a long long time.

I’m going to walk (literally) down memory lane in these shoes, until they’re replaced by something more retro-hyped-vapor-90s-shit; or worse, the 2000s.

Nike Air Max ’97 silver (bullet)
Vans black tee
Korean fashion wide leg black denim
Chanel J12 watch
Urban Outfitters bomber jacket
New Era cap

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