Samurai Bun + SUPREME NY

Who said there’s no dope streetstyle fashion scene in Tenerife? Me. Jokes aside, I find myself exploring my skater-SUPREME-lover side since I moved here a lot more. You know, Celine and total black won’t have the same effect here as it used to have in LDN (as in – I might melt to death).

Untrust London Project

I enjoyed filming my first Video Project in London.   G Balenciaga Work Bag / Prada Shoes/ Marc by Marc Jacobs Hillier Hobo Bag / Prada Platform/


Details: things able to change a whole result. According to the origins of the word, we use it to mean something divided in many little pieces. Details. Gianni Asos Cross Wood Bracelet/ Tiffany Bead Bracelet/ H&M Double Leather Brown Bracelet/ Gucci Bead TBar Bracelet/ Giannotti Angel Bracelet/


When I saw this tshirt in a store in my hometown I just fell in love with. I wore it yesterday: afternoon out with friends, shopping and a beer. What about the shoes? They’re a must to me. Gianni Dead Meat TShirt/ Holy Necklace/ Armor Silver Ring/  Blue Eyes Bracelet/ H&M Shorts/ American Flag Converse…


After three weeks of total relax, with no internet connection and no mobile phone, I’m back stronger than ever. I need a personal and free space, so I took it. It’s a Manifesto about me, here’s the name explained. If you wanna read something random about me, or see some stupid pic, you’re welcome. If…