Back for a Throwback

throwbackthursday (JUST Friday) to celebrate and praise the nostalgia of the change.  Ad maiora

When hydration meets design

When I came across this new flavoured water drink – Nuva – I couldn’t believe it had no calories, preservatives or sweetener. If you follow me on Instagram you have probably seen what I usually drink or eat – nothing that involves unhealthy or artificial ingredients. The design is so sleek I want it to…

Deep blue / deep red

  In love with a land that shows infinite shades of colours. Deep blue from the Red Sea. Deep red from the blue sky. Gianni

Heaven via my Instagram eyes

#winteriscoming A post shared by Gianni Sarracino (@giannisarracino) on Oct 15, 2014 at 10:41am PDT I know, I haven’t published a post on my blog in over a month. Busy weeks, busy days, busy airport and busy family. So much has happened (if you follow me on Instagram you’ll probably know already). I have been…

Oslo through my Instagram eyes

#Farm 🐮🐷🍏🌽 A post shared by Gianni Sarracino (@giannisarracino) on Sep 5, 2014 at 2:39am PDT Quick selection of snaps I have shared on Instagram (follow me in case you don’t!) I’m under Oslo’s spell. Pure love. Gianni


    Back. From a break. From an amazing city. From a long dream. See what happened on Instagram. G

Coming Soon

Preview of my next outfit post.Can’t wait to share it.G

My second face!

If you are lucky enough to see me walking around London, you’ll recognize me as I will definitely be wearing my mask, my second face or my beloved filter: my sunnies. Unless it’s pouring and snowing, or super dark night, I will be protected by my signature piece.