Red Santa Cruz

Santa Cruz de Tenerife, a Spanish pearl surrounded by palms and rocks. Got a new cap on, and a mid Feb breeze all around.

Deep blue / deep red

  In love with a land that shows infinite shades of colours. Deep blue from the Red Sea. Deep red from the blue sky. Gianni

Heaven via my Instagram eyes

#winteriscoming A post shared by Gianni Sarracino (@giannisarracino) on Oct 15, 2014 at 10:41am PDT I know, I haven’t published a post on my blog in over a month. Busy weeks, busy days, busy airport and busy family. So much has happened (if you follow me on Instagram you’ll probably know already). I have been…

I love you Paris

I love you for the person I become when I’m with you. You bring my best out of me. Gianni

Oslo through my Instagram eyes

#Farm 🐮🐷🍏🌽 A post shared by Gianni Sarracino (@giannisarracino) on Sep 5, 2014 at 2:39am PDT Quick selection of snaps I have shared on Instagram (follow me in case you don’t!) I’m under Oslo’s spell. Pure love. Gianni


There’s no place like home. Italy, mio amor.   Gianni  

Richmond Park

    When you’ve got a supernatural location to shoot like the Richmond Park, you realize you don’t need any fake light or studio.   You just have to be inspired by the contrasts all around you.   G  

Milano, One Year Ago

Sometimes you just wanna live again some genuine, happy moments belonging to your past. And one way to do this is through shoots you almost forgot you had. It’ so nice being nostalgic. G CiaoCiao