Back for a Throwback

throwbackthursday (JUST Friday) to celebrate and praise the nostalgia of the change.  Ad maiora

Basic in the wind

It was windy, cold and I could smell Christmas all around me. I was wearing my new Guido Maggi boots and the warmest mohair jumper paired up with Acne skinnies. So far so good. Gianni

Camel shopping

Cold, lazy afternoon. A camel coat, white sneakers and some shopping. C’est la vie. Gianni

Lost & Found & Beloved

Computers are the new libraries of our century. You can find relics and lost treasures.   Notting Hill in October, I snapped this amazing situation and I didn’t even remember.   Thank you Macbook!!   G  

Christian Louboutin Exhibition

    For the ones who don’t follow me on Facebook and Twitter, Last Week I attended the Christian Louboutin Exhibition at London Design Museum. Useless is saying it was amazing and incredibly stimulating. I have been so upset when I found out I couldn’t take pictures. I wished I could share all the beauty with all my…

Do you Mint?

  My mum told me I look like an ice cream with this outfit on, I believe it’s a compliment (in my dreams) but since I’m italian, I would say I’m a Gelato. Do you mint?   G  

Wait for the dawn my dear

  Wait for the dawn my dear Wait till the sun gets here And you will wait too long, he will be gone G


  Everyone who knows me know about my obsession with Acne Studios. I can’t avoid fancying everytime a new collection is out. Acne sweatshirt and Boots? I’m already in Wonderland   G  

Madrid Day 2

What happened on my second day in Madrid? -I had breakfast on La Gran Via -I went shopping around the center -I tried an amazing Bocadillo de Calamaros -I had lunch drinking red wine and eating amazing Tapas -I went to Reina Sofia Museum and Prado Museum -I saw the amazing and spectacular Guernica -I…

Madrid Day 1

Madrid Day One, Here’s what I did: -I had my breakfast American @ London Airport -I arrived to my hotel in Madrid in Plaza del Sol -I loved the atmosphere in Plaza Mayor -I went to a huge covent market -I had the most amazing Bocadillo de Jamon –I visited the Royal Palace -I went…