Goodbye summer

September’s weather has been really generous with the UK, giving us lovely warm days allowing shorts, sandals and tank tops. I don’t want to be pictured as pessimist, but I feel this won’t last long; so I am (almost) ready to embrace the autumn vibes. But first, a total white look is mandatory.


What I did yesterday: -I found my old Nike Play trainers in the closet-I decided to wear them because I didn’t from years-I went out in summer hot weather-A cute cat followed me while I was taking pics-I modified my FLICKR profile-I discovered how to change my macbook default wallpaper (not the desktop wall!)-I applied fake

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SO DAMN HOT WEATHER! Shorts are required to survive in this season in the jungle of the cities. Pink ones with denim and basic VS Nude ones Two similar ways to combine them, which one is better? Gianni FIRST LOOK: H&M Denim Shirt/Marc By Marc Jacobs Gold Necklace/Armani Belt/Zara Pink Shorts/Bershka Boots/Asos Beads/Turquoise Bracelet/Asos Wayfarer

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