Red Santa Cruz

Santa Cruz de Tenerife, a Spanish pearl surrounded by palms and rocks. Got a new cap on, and a mid Feb breeze all around.

Leather like feather

A heavy (physically speaking) leather piece contrasting with a light and delicate spring breeze. Margiela, you’re still my favourite. Gianni

Story: Think Pink

Celebrate, glorify and welcome the pink-shaded season. I couldn’t be more ready and excited. Gianni

Leather & Wool

What do you do when it’s too cold in the morning but it then gets warmer during the day? Layers is one of my favourite fashion words. Layer it up, boy. G

A Prada, Balenciaga & Caseable kind of day

I probably love my tech as much as my shoes. A classy, stylish and unique protection/case for my new 15in HP Pavilion was strongly needed. My favourite tech accessories company,, managed to surprise me again (you might have seen what I did for my Macbook and my Iphone). I am so in love with…

I want to ride my bicycle

A sunny weekend, a cozy sweatshirt, Cèline sunglasses and a red bike. Sometimes this is all a boy needs. Gianni

My favourite jumper

When the weather is unpredictable and you don’t know what to expect from a sunny day in London, there’s nothing better than a trusted jumper to keep you warm. If the stated jumper happens to be from Isabel Marant… Well, that’s only a plus! Gianni

Blue and camel to say ‘goodbye winter’

    Coat from, scarf from Zara, ASOS trousers and REISS double monk shoes, Prada tote and I’m ready to say (hopefully) goodbye to winter days. I can’t wait to put my hands on the new spring/summer trends.   Gianni  


    Brand new top from MDKG close to perfection.   G    

Look back to look forward

When it’s cold outside, I look back with the memory to sunny and bright days.   Look back to look forward.   Gianni