Basic in the wind

It was windy, cold and I could smell Christmas all around me. I was wearing my new Guido Maggi boots and the warmest mohair jumper paired up with Acne skinnies. So far so good. Gianni

Leather like feather

A heavy (physically speaking) leather piece contrasting with a light and delicate spring breeze. Margiela, you’re still my favourite. Gianni

Leather & Wool

What do you do when it’s too cold in the morning but it then gets warmer during the day? Layers is one of my favourite fashion words. Layer it up, boy. G

Old new black gray

Old meets new that meets old again. This is the circle of life, years that come and go. Brace yourself, put your gears on and start a new challenge. With me? My beloved Wang 83 tee from Modekungen, the statement leather jacket from H&M and the watch where old meets new – the O’ Clock…

(Central) London Street Style

If I was to create a ‘Autumn essentials’ list, it would probably feature everything I am wearing. Balenciaga derby buckle shoes, Zara hat, H&M leather jacket and my recent Givenchy Nightingale totel. I am also obsessed with my Sandro black trousers. They are an amazing material, stretchy, not too skinny (yes, I can go skinnier…

All black everything

You have probably seen my Les Artists top on Instagram already, but I cannot stop being obsessed with it. This is also my debut for my beloved Balenciaga Derby Buckle shoes – one of the last masterpieces Ghesquière he created before leaving the label. Aren’t they perfect? I’m so in love right now G

Bonfire Night

    What do you do when a great fireworks event is taking place few bus stops away from where you live?   Well, we put our coats on, took our camera and suddenly we were 10 years old again.   G  

Layers in London

      After my first day in London I remembered what my mum used to tell me when I was a child:  do always wear layers, you never know what’s the weather is going to be like.   She is still right. If you don’t do so in London, you’re Scr**d!   (plus, I…

Leather Layers

    Back on black on black on more black. Fabrics belonging to different universe match in color, but they’re still so different. Whoever says black is not a color, he never had so much fun using it.   G  

Coming Soon

Preview of my next outfit post.Can’t wait to share it.G