A Prada, Balenciaga & Caseable kind of day

I probably love my tech as much as my shoes. A classy, stylish and unique protection/case for my new 15in HP Pavilion was strongly needed. My favourite tech accessories company, Caseable.com, managed to surprise me again (you might have seen what I did for my Macbook and my Iphone). I am so in love with

I designed my Iphone 5 Case!

  I’ve never been a great fan of “touchscreen smartphone” but I have to admit, with Iphone 5 it was love at first sight, so I thought it deserved to be dressed up just as my mobile phone should be. When I got offered to design my own on Caseable.com I couldn’t be happier. If you

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CYAN #00FFFF Filter

    How would it be if everyday we could choose a different filter to see the world around? Cyan for this outfit is so right, I would look so matching with my trousers!   Don’t you agree?   G  

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My New Macbook Case

Last Year I finally converted myself to the Apple logo laptops, and since I got it I’ve been looking for the perfect Case to dress my beloved friend. I tried so many but none of them was as I saw it in my imagination. Eventually I’ve been contacted by CASEABLE.COM and I’ve been told that I could

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