Get my basics

I receive many daily emails of followers asking where can they buy clothes similar to the ones I wear in my outfits. I don’t, unfortunately, wear always new-season pieces – so it is hard for you to find exactly what I wear.

Denim, what an addiction!

    We are all aware of the social meaning of denim and jeans, of what this item mean for fashion industry and the evolution of our society. You might have seen me wearing denim in most of my outfits, and what I always love is how much it adapts and change its style according

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Christian Louboutin Exhibition

    For the ones who don’t follow me on Facebook and Twitter, Last Week I attended the Christian Louboutin Exhibition at London Design Museum. Useless is saying it was amazing and incredibly stimulating. I have been so upset when I found out I couldn’t take pictures. I wished I could share all the beauty with all my

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