What’s up?

“And so I wake in the morning And I step outside And I take a deep breath and I get real high And I scream from the top of my lungs What’s going on?”


    When I saw this pattern on an ASOS tshirt I decided I had to create a look with it. The time waiting the delivery to come to my place was infinite (just in my fashion-sick brain, it took 3 days!) How am I supposed to have a normal life when I get so obsessed with…

The Forgotten Suite

  You can understand if you have a problem with shopping if, opening your wardrobe one day, you find something with still tags on whose presence you totally forgot. It happened to me, Marni Suite.   I’ve been able to wear before the good season left this country, and it’s so rare to find good…


I really appreciate how my clothes try to communicate in their own fashion way. I was just looking for something easy and fresh to wear, and suddenly my Asos tshirt felt in love with my Marni rain Waistcoat. Who am I to contrast passions and lovers? Enjoy, G Marni Waistcoat/ ASOS Tshirt/ Getwear Jeans/ Adidas Shoes/ Balenciaga…

Where’s my Plane?

I’ve always been inspired by Top Gun-ish style and 70s aviators. (HERE you can see another look of mine!) I really feel close to this timeless expression. G Zara Shearling/ H&M Studded Sweater/ Zara Skinny Jeans/ ASOS Suede Ankle Boots/ Tiffany Oversized Necklace/ Zara Intrecciato Briefcase/ Vintage Aviator Sunnies/ Tiffany Bracelets/ Gucci Silver Bracelet/ H&M Animal…

Last week, Before Madrid

“It’s been a long time since I came around” Of course I’ve been busy, Of course I have so many things to share that I need a server all for myself. I’ve finally found the time to wear my vintage and so convenient blazer, from Portobello Market! For the ones that are not following me…


First item of my Marni + H&M Shopping: Black and White Geometric Print. A must. And I must wear it properly. Prada + Celine. I like algebra today. Gianni H&M+Marni Shirt/ Cèline Sunnies/ Prada Platform/ Tiffany Onyx Bracelet/ Tiffany Silver Bracelet/ Gucci Bracelet/

Beauty and Hell

We have freedom and beauty, necessary for those who write and live; on the other hand, their opposite, their negation: the hell which always seem to prevail.  “But Hell has only one time, then one day Life starts over “. Gianni Prada Platform/ Zara Top/ Cèline Sunnies/ Tiffany Onyx Bead Bracelet/ Gucci Bracelet/ Tiffany Sivelr…

SUN before the SNOW

Showing my look from last week, before snow and lovely atmosphere came to London. Now this very park and this very table are all covered by white snow. Brrh! Gianni Prada FW 11 Brogues Shoes/ Cashmere Sweater/ Balenciaga Work Bag/Michael Kors Ceramic Watch/ Celine sunnies/YSL Arty Ring Green/ Cashmere Black Cape/ Silver Bell Necklace/

Nigh Out

Last Friday night out in London. Prada at my feet, Party in my mind. Gianni Balenciaga Work Bag/ Prada FW 11 Brogues/ Monkee Genes Jeans/ Zara Blazer/ Sartorial Black Coat/ Tiffany Beaded Bracelet/ Gucci Beaded Bracelet/ H&M V neck TShirt/