Leather like feather

A heavy (physically speaking) leather piece contrasting with a light and delicate spring breeze. Margiela, you’re still my favourite. Gianni

Camel shopping

Cold, lazy afternoon. A camel coat, white sneakers and some shopping. C’est la vie. Gianni

I love you Paris

I love you for the person I become when I’m with you. You bring my best out of me. Gianni

Red Wind

    Cozy red cape, skinny sleeved top and comfy shoes.   Spring is in the air.   Gianni  


    What happens when I find a brand new tshirt laying in my wardrobe with the tag still on?   I definitely dress up to celebrate it in the best way!   I’m a football player (with leather trousers).     Gianni  

Forgotten Vampire

      Lost and fund,   Few months ago mine was a nostalgic, romantic, vampire knight mood.   My versatile Margiela coat was perfect for the occasion – unfortunately I forgot to take with me my beloved Camera, so I had to snap my outfit with my iPhone.   “I need your bloooood”  …

Leather Layers

    Back on black on black on more black. Fabrics belonging to different universe match in color, but they’re still so different. Whoever says black is not a color, he never had so much fun using it.   G