Double Denim – Again

Oops, I did it again. I can’t help it, summer is synonymous with double denim and big sunglasses. New denim shirt from UNIQLO and leather slipons – so good. Gianni

Polka DOT obsession

      Everytime I decided to wear this great jumper from Topman there was always something stopping me to shoot the outfit.   Last week I finally had the chance to do it. (Look at my socks too!)   Unfortunately, if you’re wearing those oxford shoes from Tom Ford, you can’t go that far….

Spring, Ready, Go!

  Spring is almost here, and I have to be prepared. Cream stripes, thanks Marc Jacobs. New Frames? Cèline, for sure!   My new obsession?? Riccardo Tisci’s masterpiece bag and Isabel Marant trainers.   Can I sleep with them?   G  

Lonely in Gorgeous

    Feeling so comfy in a total black, even I’m wearing trainers and beanie. Black is  alterating my mood today.   I’m so lonely in gorgeous.   G  


If you followed my (even a little) since I stated blogging, you might have noticed how much I love accessories. Shoes and Handbags are my obsession. People may decide to start investing into proprieties and cars, for me it’s Handbags. I love having statement pieces, not too seasonal, wearable for long time and being timeless…

Dust in the Wind

    If all we are is dust in the wind, at least let’s try to be at our top, playing the best sand ever seen.   Adoring my new leather trousers from All Saints Spitalfields.   G  

Tail and Shorts

    I couldn’t believe I was going to use my espadrillas here in London! The actual summer suddenly appeared in town met all my joy of wearing summer (and let me say, proper summer) clothes and accessories! Please, don’t complain about sun and weather. It was meant to be..   G  

Light between Wrong and Right

    Details between wrong and right are infinite. Lights can give unlimited reading for the same image, for the same significant. Who can tell if an outfit is right or wrong? Who can tell if someone is fashionable or not? It’s not all about the last piece of the newest collection, or the most…

Marni + Marc by Marc

  I wanted to use again my beloved Marni shirt, so this time I decided to mix it with something more casual. I love the way designer can be streetstyle.   It’s so urban chic.   G  


  Always felt a connection between my personal idea of fashion and the Dandy culture. Should I consider myself a Modern Oscar Wilde? I don’t think so, Maybe I’m a Fake One.   G