Back for a Throwback

throwbackthursday (JUST Friday) to celebrate and praise the nostalgia of the change.  Ad maiora

What’s up?

“And so I wake in the morning And I step outside And I take a deep breath and I get real high And I scream from the top of my lungs What’s going on?”

Camel shopping

Cold, lazy afternoon. A camel coat, white sneakers and some shopping. C’est la vie. Gianni

Goodbye summer

September’s weather has been really generous with the UK, giving us lovely warm days allowing shorts, sandals and tank tops. I don’t want to be pictured as pessimist, but I feel this won’t last long; so I am (almost) ready to embrace the autumn vibes. But first, a total white look is mandatory. This is…

Summer with

It seems that summer has finally come to London and with it, my minimal/back-to-basis/essential styling mood has landed. I was on the market for a statement basic-but-edgy-chic backpack for a long time, and luckily the eshop had the perfect solution for me. My new rucksack is super light, classy, eye-catching but minimal. I can fill it…

Brick Lane Market

  Brick Lane is one of the most amazing areas in London, I fell in love with it the first time I came here more than one year ago, a new complete world to me. Being here with my friends, which are my also family and my support was priceless.   ..   And only…

The Forgotten Suite

  You can understand if you have a problem with shopping if, opening your wardrobe one day, you find something with still tags on whose presence you totally forgot. It happened to me, Marni Suite.   I’ve been able to wear before the good season left this country, and it’s so rare to find good…

Brighton, My first Morning

    Following me on TWITTER you may have seen some sneak peeks of my short holiday in Brighton. That’s what I found as soon as I arrived. Stay tunned for the rest of the report!   G