Back to basic

We all need to pause, stop everything and step back from the chaos. Go back to our basics. The outfit I have put together helps me to obtain a minimal state of mind, where only the essentials are required. My new Jord wooden watch is exactly that. Essential, necessary and incredibly versatile. Welcome Easter break!  

Polka DOT obsession

      Everytime I decided to wear this great jumper from Topman there was always something stopping me to shoot the outfit.   Last week I finally had the chance to do it. (Look at my socks too!)   Unfortunately, if you’re wearing those oxford shoes from Tom Ford, you can’t go that far.

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Hideout Outdoor

    Exploring my backyard I finally fund what everyone is dreaming inside: a beautiful Hideout, to spend hours and hours lost in my dreams. And it’s just outside my window.   How Lucky.     (Say Welcome to my New Pandora Bag from Givenchy, it’s soooo cute!) G  

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Inspired by this amazing print on my Pijama style trousers, I decided to match my new sunnies from Firmoo Sunglasses with a Circus inspired outfit. It worked because I’m such a good entertainer. If you want you can observe. G

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CYAN #00FFFF Filter

    How would it be if everyday we could choose a different filter to see the world around? Cyan for this outfit is so right, I would look so matching with my trousers!   Don’t you agree?   G  

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  Always felt a connection between my personal idea of fashion and the Dandy culture. Should I consider myself a Modern Oscar Wilde? I don’t think so, Maybe I’m a Fake One.   G  

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