Kiss from a Death Rose

Beauty is all around us. You just need to run away from the lights of the main topics you usually think about and start focusing on shadows and death elements.
A rose is always beautiful. It will always be. But what about a death, bad flower?
It’s hard to find something like this in your front garden.
It’s so death, but so beautiful.


Cashmere Sweater Made in Italy, Topman Bowtie, Tiffany Onyx beaded bracelet/ Michael Kors White Ceramic Watch/ Kurt Geiger Patent Nude Shoes/ Death Rose

7 Comments Add yours

  1. Clouds says:

    I love your shoes!

  2. Great combo, love every single thing. Shoes rocks, love nude colors.

  3. Mr J says:

    OMG, love the shoes it had to be Kurt! Amazing look!

  4. Your shoes are so gorgeous and they look awesome with the sweater.

  5. nonnapuffo says:

    I love your blog. I love youkisses from your follower! ♡

  6. Charleston says:

    geeky and romantic at the same time, im so

  7. halfwhiteboy says:

    love that cute li'l bow :)

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