My New Macbook Case

Last Year I finally converted myself to the Apple logo laptops, and since I got it I’ve been looking for the perfect Case to dress my beloved friend. I tried so many but none of them was as I saw it in my imagination.
Eventually I’ve been contacted by CASEABLE.COM and I’ve been told that I could find a solution to my problem: Design my own case!
I couldn’t find anything more appropriate, so I opened my Photoshop and I worked on it.
My Macbook SO deserved it.
(And so did I)

Zara Total Look/ Prada Ankle Boots/ Cèline Sunnies/ Macbook Case/ Asos Bracelets/ YSL Black Arty Oval Ring/ Tiffany Bracelet/ DoDo Pomellato Bracelet/  Cruciani Bracelet/ 

2 Comments Add yours

  1. mmc says:

    that is a sweet case. very nice pictures thanks for sharing

  2. Macbook Case says:

    That case is quite different, isn't it. I would never have guessed that you designed it but I would have been interested in finding out more about it. It stands out.

    For one, it's a combination of several different repeating patterns. That provides a lot of visual stimulation. The colors also make it interesting. It's a nice combination. Sometimes there are solid colors that are attractive as well. Good work on a device that I'm sure you use a lot.

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