We used to spend hours and hours talking and discussing about new designer, inspirations, fashion and art.
It was so stimulating.
You’re so talented,
I wanted to thank you all this and for this amazing masterpiece you did.
I’m sure we’ll meet one day,
T for Thank you, and T for More.

_I_ Handmade Shredded Tshirt/ Converse All Star/ Cèline Sunglasses/ Ysl Rings/ Balenciaga Work Bag/ Balenciaga Bracelet/ 

7 Comments Add yours

  1. Quella borsa è stupenda!

  2. Mauro E. says:

    that tshirt is incredible. love iti'm following your blog, i find it interestingcheck out my blogWhiteClosetFacebookTwitter

  3. quentin says:

    great look !!! love your anthracite work bag !!! xxx see uQ. http://www.queentinsworld.com/

  4. I love shredded shirts, I also did one. Your pants and your bag are great too.IVANITAS

  5. How did you make this t-shirt? : ) It's perfect!

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