London is LONDON

Sometimes you have to accept that you can wear shorts and sunnies one day and the day after you’ll be forced to use wool.
Luckily I am organized, and I got this beautiful wool scarf from Burberry in Knightsbridge.
But still, I have my sunnies on.
If you’re in London you can look for Burberry Uk clothing online.

Burberry Wool Giant Scarf/ Zara Harem Panta/ H&M Jacket/ Superga Studded Trainers/ Cèline Sunnies/ H&M Brown Ring/ Zara Brown Document Case/ H&M Leather Bracelet/

2 Comments Add yours

  1. Jm Campos says:

    nice. I love your scarf ;)

  2. Rebequita says:

    I'm admiring your pants and scarf and simply everything you're wearing. Great styling.

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