When it comes to shoes, I could spend a lifetime talking about them.
There’s always too much to say, especially when it comes to share my experience.
Or should I say my collection?

But among the thousand (not yet) pair of shoes I have, I know for sure what wear if I wanna play cool and I don’t wanna be wrong, I can always count on the timeless lace up trainers
I am still looking for the cool white essential pair, and I was caught by The Following Pair of Trainers from This Website !
I really love the attitude and the feeling they give. Just looking ant the following sample look I fund browsing on you’ll get what I mean!
I started believing it’s not always good being inspired.. At least, for my savings!

2 Comments Add yours

  1. fran says:

    i love your shoesssNEW IN MY WARDROBE

  2. YourFashion says:

    Ciao davvero molto carino questo post…mi piace molto il primo paio in rosso 🙂 le trovo molto cool..YOUR FASHION

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